Monday, December 12, 2011

Star Wars Warrior v2

So after scrapping the previous one, I started again with the pose more in mind. Got some help from coworker Tu, and continued my journey through the force to find my ultimate Star Wars Warrior. On a side note: the reason why I'm not categorizing him into Jedi or Sith is because after spending an enormous amount of time reading up on SW lore, I found that both sides of the force are responsible for some pretty devastating events. Whether it's genocide and the halting of technological/cultural progress on the Republic's side, or slavery, corruption, and all around evilness on the Empire's side. While there are infinite shades of gray in-between, this character could be either side, searching for the for the true medium between light and dark.

Star Wars Warrior

Was in the Star Wars mood so I worked on this Jedi/Sith Warrior for a bit. I really liked how characters like Darth Revan/Obi Wan had robes with armor underneath, so I based my designed off of that concept. I later scrapped this and started another which I'll post next.