Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Gate to the Sun

No idea. 4 hours.


  1. it kinda makes me sad to see no color in this landscape, it feels dead...and coming from u i would expect tones of color lol..as for the building your using only 2 or so shapes but just scaling them different which might be on purpose or not im not sure...i think if you put some different shapes it will make it more interesting...as for the sky and rocks/mountains, i think they look sick dude and i love the idea behind it ...keep up the good work man..

  2. Sorry Frankie, I won't disappoint you in the future by not putting as much color lol. Yea I also understand the shape thing. For some reason I tend to lock myself into using the sameish shapes. I think for the next piece ill use as many as I can.